How we are run

Our Management Committee consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Group Training Officer and a representative from CITB/CS.  It is a condition of the Association that the Chair and Vice-Chair are employed by construction companies so that they are in touch with current issues.  The Grant from CITB/CS helps cover the running costs so that we can organise training for you, at the most economical rates.

The grant comes with a number of Key Performance Indicators that we have to achieve, in order for the payment to continue. These revolve around areas such as:

  • •  Providing an average number of days training per member
  • •  Members having an average number of Apprentices•  Members involvement in work experience placement and supporting local education events
  • •  Number of members using a CITB Training Plan
  • • Members' views are sought on what training they might require on a regular basis and courses are arranged at a subsidised cost and occasionally free.
  • • Members will obtain far better rates than non-members and with an annual subscription of only £100, it is worth joining, even if you only use us for two places in a year.
  • • The group meets 6 times per year and at each meeting there are generally 2 presentations on current issues.


Our Vision for the Future

We are the first stop for our members across Lancashire and Greater Manchester as a resource for advice, quality training, updates on legislation, knowledge of best practice, signposting, networking and as a forum for discussion. By achieving this, we are an ambassador for promoting a fully skilled and safe construction industry.

Our Mission

We will:

Deliver high quality, flexible training at the lowest possible cost
Provide the training that members require
Keep our members updated on current legislation and best practice
Be an access point for advice on all aspects of training
Organise networking opportunities, discussion forums and seminars

Chairman's message:

South East Lancashire Construction Association (SELCA) has a long history of working with pratical assistance from CITB. Since the reorganisation of CITB/ConstructionSkills, in 2000, SELCA has operated as an independent not-for-profit group, with grant aid from CITB.

SELCA is over 40 years old, having started in 1971. The group has, over this time, made an impact within the Construction Sector to ensure that SELCA remain one of the Shining Stars within the training group ethos.

Training sits at the heart of our local community and it performs a key role by collectively advising and supporting industry, through the support of its members, ConstructionSkills and many other partner organisations.

We should never underestimate the importance and value of SELCA and the many ways that it helps businesses grow.

I would personally like to thank the following Selca members who continue to excel in their performances: Sarah Collins - vice chair, Lisa Crawford - Group Training Officer and Lindsey Firestone - CSkills Training Advisor.

The construction industry is definitely in my blood and I feel as passionate about it now as I did many years ago - from apprentice to lecturer - from employer to employee. My position as Training & Development Manager at Seddon Construction Ltd, ensures that I remain both current and active in the construction learning arena.

The group continues to develop, evolve and be supportive to all companies - new and old.

On behalf of SELCA I would like to thank you for visiting our website and if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Tony Costello