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Welcome to the organisation that can change your approach to training and development within the construction industry – and save you money!
The South East Lancashire Construction Association (SELCA) is a non-profit organisation that exists to facilitate training and development within its member companies, alongside offering them support and advice.
SELCA aims to carry out training locally, where possible, and at as low a cost as possible by subsidising the price, with the funding from CITB CSkills and income from membership subscriptions.
It also provides funding towards courses arranged directly by companies.
During 2011 we granted funding towards and arranged courses to achieve 480 days worth of training for our 28 member companies.

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Site Management Safety Training Scheme

£530pp (NO VAT)

8th JANUARY 2013
21st JANUARY 2013
28th JANUARY 2013
4th FEBRUARY 2013
11th FEBRUARY 2013
Green Deal Advisor Training

Are you looking for Green Deal Advisor Training from a reputable provider?

Discounted and Government funded places available. All prices fully inclusive of VAT.

ü    DECC / Asset Skills “Go Early” Green Deal training provider

ü    £750 Domestic Energy Assessor up skill training to GREEN DEAL ADVISOR

ü    £500 (10 places), £850 (5 places) Commercial Energy Assessor up skill training to COMMERCIAL GREEN DEAL ADVISOR

ü    £1100 Full Green Deal Advisor training, including all domestic energy assessor training


To book a course please contact Oldham College on: 0800 032 7288 or e-mail

For more information go to our website

Hurry limited places are available.




Full Domestic Green Deal Advisor Training


10-14 September, 15-16 October, 22-23 October


5-9 November and 26-30 November

Domestic Energy Assessor upskill to Green Deal Advisor


3-4 September, 19-20 September, 24-25 September, 1-2 October


15-16 October, 22-23 October, 15-16 November, 19-20 November, 10-11 December

Commercial Energy Assessor upskill to Green Deal Advisor

£500, £800

8-9 October


29-30 October, 6-7 December

Field Training


17 September

12 November, 3 December

Inspiring & Coaching Your Apprentice

We have got the above course booked for 15th November 2012 and it will
be delivered by National Construction College.  This 1 day course is being
held at less than half price for £40pp and places are limited to 12.


If you would like to book a place please let me know.


Those who are helping to develop craft and technical apprentices, in particular Work Based Recorders.

Successful candidates will gain knowledge and skills in:

Issues and concerns
Role and responsibilities
Mentoring and coaching
Motivation and morale
How to pass your skills on to others
Practise in training others
Dealing with problems and issues

Understanding the WBR role, NVQ structure and terminology
Candidates will gain qualifications/certification in:
National Construction College certificate


Please find below details of the changes to the CITB 2012/2013 Grants Scheme, proposed staff training and communications to employers. The changes were approved by the CITB-ConstructionSkills Board 18th April 2012.

Attendance grants

·         Training Plan and Short Duration increasing to £22.50 per day from £17.50

·         Training Plan and Short Duration financial and training day limits to remain as existing

·         Technical and Professional - degrees, BTEC, HNC, HND, and post graduate diplomas increasing to £50 per day from £25.

·         Technical and Professional training courses other than above increasing to £30 per day from £25.

·         Construction - related Work Experience increasing to £30 per day from £25.

·         The relevant maximums per individual candidate will increase accordingly.

Site Safety Plus

·         The increase in the daily grant to £52.50 will remain in place until 31 July 2013.
Achievement grants

·         Achievement grants increasing from £275 to £400 except plant related VQs.

·         Plant related VQs increasing to £610 (£400 standard plus a £210 top up for the first 10,000 claims) - a schedule of the relevant VQs will be made available in due course

·         The temporary increase in Level 4 and above achievements (£275 standard + £250 incentive = £525) will cease on 31 July 2012 and reduce to £400 thereafter.

·         VQ and CPCS Test claiming limits remain unchanged.

Apprentice grants

·         Two year apprenticeship package increases to £6,000 from £5,200

·         Three year and four year apprenticeship package increase to £10,250 from £9,000

·         Apprentices already receiving grant will continue on existing package values.

 Advanced Craft (Scotland only)

·         Attendance increasing from £17.50 to £22.50 per day

·         Achievement increasing from £1,192.50 to £2,037.50

Craft Non Apprenticeship Grants

·         The package for VQ Level 2 has increased from £3,150 to £3,525.

·         The VQ Level 3 package has increased from £2,250 to £2,625

·         The Utilities packages for VQ Level 2 and 3 increasing from £2,250 and £1,575 to £2,625 and £1,950 respectively

·         Trainees already receiving grant will continue on existing package values.

Supplementary Payment

·         Remains at 22% (10% basic plus a temporary increase of 12%)


For more information about SELCA & enquiries about joining and getting some great benefits just send us a message below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
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